The Poetry Project is an organization that prides itself in using poetry to teach, inspire and build the communities that we call home. Through structured workshops, poetry slams and open mics, we create safe spaces to share our lives and tell our stories. 

The Poetry Project is an exploration into the power of spoken word and how it can be used to encourage our youth to read and write. Literacy is a main objective of the program and this art form touches the realm of education as well as artistic expression and creative development.

Poetry is defined as the language of imagination expressed in verse and is a communicative art form that touches all aspects of life. From the clothes we wear, to the greeting cards we buy, the commercials we see on T.V. and the music we listen to. It is part of the language arts curriculum for middle school students and therefore relates directly to the standard course of study.

The workshops also tie into service learning and youth voice. Project can be adapted for elementary, middle, and high school students as well as collegiate and corporate settings. It is also a great tool for Professional Development.

Just a few educational benefits:

  • Vocabulary
  • Presentation
  • Character Education
  • Poetic Devices
  • Generating a learning log or journal
  • Creating an artistic interpretation that connects self and or society to the selection
  • Summarizing info
  • Generating questions
  • Reading a variety of literature and other text (e.g., mysteries, novels, science fiction, historical documents, newspapers, skits, lyric poems

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