Annually, The Poetry Project sponsors the Gate City Youth Slam Team as they head to Brave New Voices every summer! The team is chosen from the top young poets (13-19) in the city of Greensboro and they compete in a poetry slam to earn their spot. Each year, 50 Youth Spoken Word Teams from all over the world come together in a city to attend this International Poetry Festival (BNV). The teams get a chance to fellowship, workshop, learn and slam! The team comes together to raise funds, practice and perform in preparation for the festival. Through this process students learn team work, responsibility and participate in community service activities as they give back to the city they represent.

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2011 San Francisco
2012 San Francisco
2013 Chicago
2014 Philadelphia
2015 Atlanta
2016 DC
2017 San Francisco

2018 Houston

2019 Las Vegas

2020 DC